Cable Avoidance Tool & Genny4 Signal Generator Set

Designed for use outdoors by excavation professionals, the eCAT4+ is lightweight, resistant to weather and essential for detecting and avoiding underground hazards. By scanning with this tool and the Genny4, users can clearly map out the distribution of underground utilities, ensuring accidental strikes don’t occur and damage isn’t inflicted on the person digging or the utility.
The signal output by the Genny4 is sent out through the ground underfoot, bounces off utilities and returns up out of the ground into a CAT4 product from Radiodetection. A genny is essential for use in areas with utilities that don’t generate signals naturally such as piping, as these may have gone unnoticed when just using a standard CAT.


Weekly Hire Price: £85.00 plus VAT

Price includes delivery.


Hire available from: 01/09/2017

  • Lightweight, portable design for repeated use
  • IP54 rated for protection against the weather
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Small Diameter Locate function for location of telecoms and street lighting
  • Adjustable Signal Boost for location at greater distances and depths
  • Accessory connection socket allows different accessories to be equipped to the unit

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