Thermal imaging Camera


Flir E8-XT

Thermal Imaging Camera

Gain a competitive advantage with the FLIR E8-XT Thermal Camera, our affordable, high-resolution thermal imaging camera for electrical, mechanical, and building inspection. Find hidden electrical faults, mechanical issues, and sources of energy loss thanks to the E8’s crisp 76,800 (320 × 240) pixel infrared resolution and FLIR Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®) image enhancements. The E8-XT is fully automatic, focus-free, and built to last, so you can use it with confidence in even the most rugged environments.

The FLIR E8-XT Thermal Camera is a point-and-shoot thermal imaging camera that gives you access to a new dimension.

Weekly Hire

£250.00 +vat

  • Download images to PC and interact with them with FLIT Tools Thermal Imaging software package
  • Built-in visual camera for capturing standard digital images
  • Automatic operation makes capturing images easy
  • Extremely sensitive to temperature differences thanks to high thermal sensitivity of just 0.06°C

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